Judith Cabrera was born in Cuba, since she was a little girl she was very interested in the art of sewing. With only 9 years old, she won a sewing contest in her elementary school. Judith has always been very passionate about the construction process of a garment, which translated into her creating beautiful clothing for herself. She has always been a renegade and an innovator, at middle school she altered her school uniform along with some of her classmates.

Growing up in a limited resource country she was motivated to create new garments from old family clothing. The Cabrera family moved to Miami, where she was finally able to pursue her dream, a career in fashion at MIU. During her time at school she has grown as a designer and has gotten the opportunity to exhibit her work in different exhibits around the world such as New York and Art Basel in Miami. Judith was also selected to represent her school in The Arts of Fashion Foundation exhibition in Paris. During her time in Paris, Judith learned about the French craftsmanship of Haute Couture. This inspired her to innovate a menswear design, using couture techniques with a modern twist.

Judith believes that the difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail. She wants to create garments for people who can appreciate good quality and craftsmanship to those with daring souls, who love fashion and appreciate sustainability. 


Judith is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability: